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Logic is overrated.

If I let you go, do you think you could fly?

8 July
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I am no longer writing in this journal.
3 doors down, acting, alanis morissette, american eagle, angelina jolie, art, ashton kutcher, audrey hepburn, autumn, beaches, beauty, being hyper, being outside, being with friends, black and white pictures, blue eyes, bowling, brad pitt, brendan fehr, broken fetuses, bubble baths, candles, cemeteries, chester bennington, coldplay, conan o'brien, cuddling, daisies, dave matthew's band, david draiman, dead baby jokes, dido, dogma, donnie darko, drama, drew barrymore, egyptian history, elijah wood, emily dickinsen, evanescence, ever after, eyeliner, eyes, fight club, finding nemo, fiona apple, flogging molly, fuel, ghosts, gir, girl interrupted, godsmack, goo goo dolls, green day, green eyes, guitar, hiking, history, holding hands, incubus, interview with a vampire, intimacy, invader zim, ireland, jason behr, jewel, johnny depp, kevin spacey, kisses, kissing, life as a house, lifehouse, lightning, linkin park, lit, lord of the rings, love, love actually, love brownies, love cookies, mallrats, maroon 5, metallica, michelle branch, movies, music, natalie imbruglia, new found glory, nickelback, nightmare before christmas, no doubt, oasis, our lady peace, partys, photography, piano, piercings, poetry, puddle of mudd, rain, randomness, robert frost, roswell, sarah mclachlan, saturday night live, saturdays, scifi, scotland, secrets, sense field, shakespeare, sour patch kids, spiderman, springtime, staind, staring contests, stars, stephen lynch, strawberries, stuart townsend, summer, sunrises, sunsets, swimming, sylvia plath, t.a.t.u, t.s eliot, the beach, the beatles, the butterfly effect, the mists of avalon, the occult, the verve, third eye blind, thirteen, thunderstorms, tickle fights, ufos, underwear, vampires, walking through the woods, wind, writing, x-men,